Thursday, March 12, 2015

Maldives Liveaboard Diving: Experience of a Lifetime

A liveaboard scuba diving safari will find a place on the vacation list of every diving enthusiast. The thought of being inside the water and experiencing the marine life is overwhelming. These thought doesn’t give you time to worry about the difficulty in preparation for such a holiday trip. Though there are not many sites around the globe where you can venture out on a liveaboard, still the safari has many takers.

Maldives: Favorite among Beach Lovers
The island nation is well-known for its beaches and tranquilizing waters. Maldives hosts millions of tourists round the year. From water sports enthusiasts to deep sea divers, everyone enjoys the weather, beaches and sea food offered in the country. Liveaboard diving is another feather in the cap of this amazing tourist destination.

Maldives Liveaboard Diving
Sea diving is extremely popular amount people heading to beaches and island nations. Liveaboard diving is a way to maximize that experience. While diving is all about getting to the location, diving, coming out and heading back to the accommodation; on the other hand in a liveaboard diving safari you finish your dive and get back on the boat to relax. Here you are served fresh seafood and you don’t have to travel back makes the moment more pleasurable. Additionally, you are always on the boat till the end of the safari and your liveaboard takes you to every possible diving location, so you don’t have to worry about traveling. One of the favorite destinations Maldives liveaboard diving is for adventure.

Living on a Liveaboard
The liveaboard is your home for the duration of the scuba safari trip. Everything you need is on the boat, in fact you get to live a luxurious life, highly comfortable couches, hot water showers, fresh sea food, air conditioning, what else can you ask for?

Moreover, being a safari trip you have the liberty to decide if you want to dive or not. If you don’t feel like diving you can always spend the time on the tanning deck, and jump into the turquoise water when you feel like doing it.

Bottom Line
The Maldives is often referred to as a destination that you simply can't miss to explore in your lifetime and once you visit it you will not be able to shake it off from your mind. This is the reason why it has become one of the leading diving destinations in the world, where hundreds of diving sites are brimming with scuba enthusiasts throughout the year. And if you are a diving freak, Maldives liveaboard diving is surely not to be missed.

Yacht Charter Singapore – Frequently Asked Questions

Nothing could ever match the pleasure of cruising along the coast line of Singapore in a private yacht and riding the ocean waves in complete relaxation with friends or family members. Singapore is well known for its oceanic waters that are perfectly suitable for riding yachts and enjoying a beach out. However, charting a private yacht can present a lot of hurdles, especially for first timers who are yet to get attuned with the nitty-gritties of yacht charter in Singapore. 
The following section rounds up the most frequently asked questions and their answers on charting a boat in Singapore. Have a look. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Yacht Charter in Singapore

1. How to Find the Right Charter Service?
In the age of internet, everything is available online. Yacht charter services too are available across several online websites scattered along the online domain. You can choose to browse through the charting services of different companies and make a decision as per your trip specifications. Make sure that the company is credible, bears valid accreditation's and has an expertise in delivering high quality yacht charter services in Singapore. 

2. What should be the Budget?
Budget is an important factor to take under due consideration when charting a yacht in Singapore. Different companies lay out different pricing policies that largely depend on space, luxury, crew, food, lodging and several parameters that decide the comfort level of the yacht.  Do not go for companies that charge exorbitant sums, unless their charging amount is justified by the quality of services. Also, don’t acquire services of a company that provides charting facilities at overly-reasonable prices, since extremely low prices are a clear indication towards poor quality services. 

3. What Amenities to Look For?
Yacht charter boats usually provide on-board amenities that are available in a wide range. Depending upon the nature of your excursion, you can choose a yacht that suits aptly to your specifications. Spa pools, gym, scuba water vehicles are some of the popular services that are available on most yachts. If you have something different or specific in your mind, you can place the request in front of the company. The staff there would be happy to oblige you and will cater to all your prerequisites. 
These are some of the most commonly asked questions, answers to which are really important before you move on to chart a yacht in Singapore. Go through them thoroughly to ensure a wise decision.